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Our CNC Machines are capable of cutting a wide range of materials at very high speeds and feeds without sacrificing any quality due to the advancement of cutting tools.

Aluminium Plastics Carbon Steel Alloy Steel Tool Steel Stainless Steel Structural Material Others Hardened Material
6061-T6 Acetal Black Acetal Natural 1018 CRS 4140 ANN O1 304/304L Angles Brass (260, 360 free cutting, Navel) A2, D2, O, P20 steel upto 62 HRC
7075-T5 Nylon 66 1020 CRS 4140 HT A2 316L Channels Copper (C101) SST UNS S17500 COND H1150
6063-T5 PVC Grey 1045 HRS 4340 HT D2 303 Tubing Bearing Bronze C93200
3003 PEEK S50C 8620 P20 440C Pipe Bronze 660
Cast tooling plate Blue cast Nylon CR 12L14 4130 HT S7 17-4PH Threaded Rod
5052 UHMW DOM Tubes S5 18-8
2024 ABS Black Welded Structures H13 416
Aluminium Bronze C95400 PTFE (Teflon) M2

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