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M/C Type Maker Model - Year Travel(X,Y,X Inch) Description QTY Capability
CMM Hexagon 4.5.4. SF CMM (2023) Measuring Range 355mm (14”) x 514mm (20.2”) x 353mm (13.9”)

Frame (roll-around stand)

  • Linear bearings (no compressed air supply, no air filters are required)
  • H3C-T Controller 600W, US 120V (standard 110V outlet use)
  • Next Jog Box
  • HH-Mi-M manual indexing Probe Head,
  • Touch Trigger Probe Module Set, HP-TMe Kit #3 (Body, SF, MF)
  • Stylus kit No.7
  • Probe Qualification Sphere, Steel (M8)
  • Workpiece standard thermal sensor

Computer & Software System

  • Lenovo ThinkStation P520 or current model
  • 15” LCD Touch Screen, Wireless Keyboard

HH-MI-M probe head and HP-TMe touch trigger probe

The HH-MI-M is a manual indexable probe head with an M8 probe interface. HH-MI-M can be manually rotated to 168 indexed positions in 15° increments in two axes without the requirement for recalibration of the tip.

HP-TMe touch trigger probe (body + standard force & medium force modules)

The HP-TMe is a compact 5-way touch-trigger probe, the two piece design is comprised of the probe body and a detachable stylus module. The body and module are connected together by a highly repeatable kinematic magnetic coupling. The modules can be quickly changed either manually or automatically without the need to recalibrate the probe. The stylus modules are available in four versions each giving a different trigger force. The HP-TMe system can be easily retrofitted and is compatible with existing touch-trigger controllers, extension and accessories.

PC-DMIS CAD++ Software

The industry standard PC-DMIS software allows the user to take full advantage of the design file resulting in a streamlined inspection process. This package is designed to support all of your measurement needs, with or without a CAD file.

1. Point-and-Click TM Programming, 2. XactMeasure GD&T TM, 3. Offline Simulation, 4. NIST Certified, 5. CAD File Export, 6. Report Template

1 4 Axis

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